Weatherboard Repairs Northcote

Weatherboard Repairs Northcote

Weatherboard Repairs Northcote – This cute little weatherboard home in Northcote has some weatherboards that are in a really difficult to reach spot. And as a result, they get very neglected. And they don’t get a lot of care and therefore, they become very discolored. And they require a whole bunch of preparation and sanding. And you can see this process that we go through how quickly and easily it’s taken the paint off, these neglected weatherboards.

Weatherboard Repairs NorthcoteWeatherboard Repairs Northcote

And it’s been a long time I’d say around 10 years since there was anything done to maintain these weatherboards so we’ll continue to sand all the flaking paint off. And then once the flaking paint has been removed, they will be refilled.

Weatherboard Repairs NorthcoteWeatherboard Repairs Northcote

Nails will be punched in rotten weatherboards will be replaced. And then they’ll be given a minimum of one undercoat and two coats of paint and then they’ll be inspected and checked to make sure that they are looking good.

And they are very much going to keep water from penetrating into the walls of this home. We also use the nail gun to reattach loose with the boards. And as you can see, once they’ve done look a lot worse than they did when we first started.

Weatherboard Repairs Northcote

But not making them worse. We’re making them better. We’re just removing all the paint that is not able to really hang on to the weatherboards and he’s doing nothing to protect the timber and then we’re refilling that timber and repainting it and the finished result is amazing.

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