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Weatherboard Painting Clifton Hill

Weatherboard Painting Service, Clifton Hill

Weatherboard painting requires a number of steps that ensures a great outcome.
The following steps took place to bring the boards back to life.

1. All weatherboards were washed down with a high pressure washer
2. The boards were sanded to remove flaking paint and prepare the surface for the new coats of paint
3. Gaps and cracks were filled with appropriate fillers.
4. Rotten weatherboards were replaced
5. Bare weatherboards received undercoat
6. The entire home was given 2 coats of premium quality paint.

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The timber weatherboards below had been neglected for more than 10 years.
Weatherboard painting should not exceed more than 8 years between coats and on west facing walls no more than 5.

Weatherboard Painting

It seems as though the fact that these weatherboards where above a garage which was out of sight, meant that they were also out of mind.

Weatherboard Painting

Sanding them and preparation took a long time time. Soon though we were presented with a blank canvas to begin applying the protective paint once more.

Weatherboard Painting

Cliftin Hill, Weatherboard Painting Service,

The paint practically feel off, at the idea that the sanding machine was about to be used on the boards.

Weatherboard Painting is best done regularly to prevent damage to the home becoming expensive in the years to come. Apart from making the walls look great the job of the paint is to actually protect the wood from the elements and stop it from rotting.

Weatherboard Painting

The before and after photos speak for them selves.

Weatherboard Painting

Mission brown was popular in the 1970’s and it really made these units look dated and old.
We applied the colour bond colour Ironstone at the owners requested which is a blue that really makes this unit look vibrant.

Weatherboard Painting

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