water damage repairs collingwood

Water Damage Repairs Collingwood

Water Damage Repairs Collingwood
Melbourne City Maintenance has become a trusted supplier of water damage repairs in Melbourne. If you live in Melbourne you know by now that our weather is unpredictable to say the least. Melbourne is known for having four seasons in one day and has even made it into a famous song by the band Crowded House.

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This ceiling came off second best after the roof at Magic Hand Car Wash in Hood Street Collingwood gave way to a heap of water after a recent storm.
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Melbourne City Maintenance, got the call for their plastering services just before Christmas and got the quote off to the client, just before the big end of year break where everyone is unavailable. For Magic Hand Car Wash every day the damaged ceiling wasn’t repaired , meant their business suffered losses in sales with their popular cafe remaining closed.

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After the water damaged plaster boards were removed and disposed of the next task involved replacing the entire ceiling and cutting out the holes for the 22 down lights. Installation, filling and sanding of the new ceiling happened over two days with the ceiling ready for the painting crew midday through day 2.

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Water damage repairs are really important to attend to for several reasons including, to ensure that

  • mould does not grow on water logged plaster board,
  • ceilings do not fall down hurting staff and clients, and
  • electrical work is not compromised by water, causing costly repairs.

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With the new ceiling done the team at Melbourne City Maintenance rolled their sleeves up once more.  Applying paint to the new paster was completed by the end of the second day all while ensuring the colour matched perfectly to the existing ceilings in other rooms.

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Dave at Magic Hand Car Wash was given his cafe back 2 days after we began removing the old ceiling and the car wash was back up and running. Melbourne’s weather will always be unpredictable but the team at Melbourne City Maintenance are on time on budget. As a small business of Melbourne Painters and Plasterers we know how much it hurts when the weather puts our business out of work.

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