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Water damage can be nasty and costly. Not only can it cause a huge inconvenience to the homeowner, it can be tough to fix without the assistance of a trained professional. This week, the Melbourne City Maintenance team was contacted by a distressed homeowner who was in need of the best plastering and tiling services Greenvale could offer.


The homeowner was flabbergasted when he realised he had a water leak problem on his hands. Upon our arrival we inspected the damage and traced it back to the bathroom – a common area for potential water leaks. The leak was a result of damaged shower tiles that were in desperate need of replacing. Since the water had soaked through the walls, we decided to repair it with new waterproof plaster, using a waterproofing membrane for extra protection.


Plastering And Tiling Services Greenvale

plastering repairs Melbourne waterproofing membrane - Plastering And Tiling Services Greenvale


Prior to installing the shower screen, new tiles were laid to match the existing pattern before the damage had occurred. After just 3 days work and 5 different trades including plastering, water proofing, tiling, painting, and plumbing the client’s bathroom had been restored and back in use. Oh, and it looks as good as brand new. The client was over the moon about how helpful our team had been throughout the process. 3 days of banging and drilling is enough to infiltrate a person’s sanity, but the client conveyed his appreciation and felt incredibly grateful that the job was done as quickly as possible, and that his home was now free of water leaks and damages.


plastering repairs Melbourne shower tiles - Plastering and Tiling Services Greenvale

plastering repairs Melbourne shower screen - plastering and tiling services Greenvale


Home maintenance can be tricky business. Without the help of trained professionals or technical know-how, you could be putting yourself at risk of poor quality maintenance. Reaching out to professionals  could help you save countless hours and dollars on a potentially dangerous and complicated endeavour. For the best plastering and tiling services Melbourne has to offer, in addition to tiling, plumbing, painting and waterproofing services, contact Melbourne City Maintenance.


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