Plaster Wall Repair

Melbourne Plaster Wall Repair

Plaster Wall Repair.

Melbourne City Maintenance has been offering Plaster Wall Repair Services since 2005


It’s Bill here from Melbourne City Maintenance,

I just got to this glorious city of Melbourne, here to do a repair in a apartment in one of the massive towers that you can see behind us.

The tenant of this place basically accidentally just damaged the wall put a hole in the wall, and they’re looking at moving out. And in order to get their bond back, they need to have the wall repaired. So we are going to go in and do the plaster repair.

Plaster Wall Repair and Colour Matching.

We were in here yesterday, we picked up a sample of the existing wall colour, and we took it to the paint store, we got the colour matched, and now we have the exact colour that the wall originally was so that when we paint it after we do the repair in the plasterboard, nobody’s going to be able to tell the difference.Plaster Wall Repairs

Invisible Plaster Wall Repair

So now the tenant who has their landlords best interests at heart is going to get their bond back, and the landlord is going to get an amazing wall and wont know that it was even damaged. So if you have plastic repairs that you need done in the city of Melbourne, give me a call.

Plaster Wall Repair and Painting

If you have painting that needs to be done in the city of Melbourne, give me a call will basically come out we’ll check it out, real sorted out and you can be comfortable knowing that you’ll get your bond back and you won’t have any dramas, from your landlord or from the leasing agent, call Bill on 0403162374 and I’ll come and sorted out.

Also, if you just look below this video on the page that you’re on, you’ll see that we have a link to our Google reviews, check out and see our Google reviews the kind of work that we do and the things that people have to say about us. Look forward to hearing from you.

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