Plastering and Painting Services Northcote

Plaster Repairs Northcote

Plaster Repairs Northcote

For the best plaster repairs Northcote has to offer continue reading below.

Last week, the guys at Melbourne City Maintenance were contacted by a homeowner in Northcote who was horrified by the sight of his damaged ceiling. A storm had broken a tile on the roof, causing it to flood and damage a vast portion of the ceiling. Our team rushed to the scene and examined the damage before reassuring the client that they were up to the task of providing the best plastering and painting services Toorak had seen yet.


After inspecting the damage we sought to remove the plaster that had decayed quite severely from the water damage. The rubbish was immediately discarded at the local waste station to avoid further damage to the apartment. We then went on to layer the ceiling with two sheets of plaster to replace the previous, damaged one, and left to dry overnight. The following morning, the team arrived back at the apartment bright and early to begin the sanding process, which was followed promptly by the paint job.


plaster repairs Northcote damaged ceiling - Plastering and Painting Services Northcote

Our friendly and patient client Todd couldn’t believe it when he realised the duration of the plastering and painting services¬†repairs would only span a mere two days. He claimed he would have been happy for it to take twice as much time, just as long as his ceiling was properly restored. He gave our team two giant thumbs up, and declared that Melbourne City Maintenance was going straight to the top of his speed-dial list!

We thanked him for his kind words but hoped he wouldn’t run into any further trouble for the time being.

plaster repairs Northcote fresh ceiling - Plastering and Painting Services Northcote

Water damage can cause all sorts of pesky, unwanted problems. If left unattended to, those problems are more than likely to grow into much bigger problems that lead to further stress and costly endeavours. For the timeliest and most cost-effective plaster repairs Melbourne has to offer, contact Melbourne City Maintenance. Our business consists of a skilled team of professionals with extensive technical skills in the area of painting, and plaster repairs, and overall building maintenance.

Plaster Repairs Northcote

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