Plaster Repairs Clifton Hill

Plaster Repairs Clifton Hill

For the best Plaster Repairs Clifton Hill  has to offer call Melbourne City Maintenance.

Lately, there appears to be a speight of damaged plaster incidents caused by occupants of homes in the city of yarra. I have already attended and repaired a hole in a wall, when a local tripped and damaged the plaster with his head in Abbotsford and now an elbow did the damage to this wall below. As you can see it is a reasonably sized hole and thankfully the home owner was not injured.

Best Plaster Repairs Clifton Hill

There are a few steps before the wall is repaired,

Plaster Repairs Clifton Hill

Steps to repair the wall include,

  • Remove the damage plaster
  • Repair the whole with a new piece of plaster.
  • Take a piece of the damaged plaster to the paint store for colour matching
  • Allow the repair to dry for a few hours.
The Best Plaster Repairs Clifton Hill
Plaster Repair Clifton Hill 02


And the end result? Like it never happend and the customer is as happy as happy can be. Check out some of the revies by my happy clients here.

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