Plaster Repair Services Richmond

Plaster Repair Services Richmond

Sometimes, it’s tough to find professionals who have the ability to complete their tasks mistake-free. When Sandra reached out to us she explained that an electrician had damaged her ceiling by cutting a hole for the light in the wrong place. She wasn’t the happiest of campers since the electrician refused to pay for the damages, and her property was soon to be auctioned and bought by a new homeowner. Needless to say the client was in need of the best plaster repair services Richmond had to offer!



plaster repairs Melbourne damaged ceiling - Plaster Repair Services Richmond


Sandra was in a state of panic. The house situated in Richmond had been in her family for generations, and she was looking forward to adding some touch-ups to modernise the home before selling. She hadn’t had too much experience with tradesman and maintenance professionals and felt confused by the process. We assured her that building maintenance can be a hassle at times and not everyone is prepared to pay for their mistakes. It’s an important reminder to all, that if you’re on the hunt for professional services, always keep a lookout for signs for unprofessionalism and unreliability.


A few things to keep in mind when conducting research on plaster repair services is to read customer reviews – not the testimonials that are more than likely paid to be advertised on a site, but genuine reviews from third party businesses without a hidden agenda. The next thing to do is to personally visit the website – does it look professional? Does it look like it’s been slapped together by a free program? Who are the past clients for the business? All of these are really helpful questions to ask yourself when searching for professional services, especially in the realm of home maintenance.


Much to Sandra’s delight, it took just one day to complete the plaster repairs and paint job. She was ecstatic by the level of professionalism and courtesy shown by the Melbourne City Maintenance team. We even discussed the aforementioned tips over a nice cup of tea that Sandra was generous enough to offer while we’re in the process of completing the repairs.



plaster repairs Melbourne plastered ceiling - Plaster Repair Services Richmond


If you’re in need of some of the best painting services Melbourne has to offer, reach out to Melbourne City Maintenance for your heavy home maintenance duties.


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