Plaster Services Abbotsford

Plaster Repair Services Abbotsford

It’s always a great idea to go out on occasion and paint the town red ever so often. That’s exactly what one of our clients recently did. However, things took a turn for the worse when he returned home and slipped and fell in the bathroom, leaving him with a huge dent in the bathroom wall, and possibly a terrible splitting headache the following day.

Plaster Repair Services Abbotsford
Fortunately, Melbourne City Maintenance, renowned for their plastering services stepped in to rectify the damage done. The uber talented crew at Melbourne City Maintenance put their shoulders to the grind and got started with first removing the damaged plaster in the area surrounding the main damage in an attempt to give the finished wall a smoother appearance.  

Plaster Repair Services Abbotsford Plaster Repair Services Abbotsford

Following this, the team painstakingly installed a new piece of plaster after carefully measuring the dimensions of the original area of damage. The miniscule gaps were then filled with plaster and left to thoroughly dry. This was followed with sanding and undercoating process. Since only a relatively small portion of the entire wall needed to be touched up, special care was taken to match the colour of the paint with rest of the wall. Once the crew was through, it was close to impossible to tell that there was any damage that was done in the first place.

Plaster Repair Services Abbotsford Plaster Repair Services Abbotsford

Our client was thoroughly impressed with the prompt service that was delivered by the team and was relieved to find his wall as good as new. Accidents such as the one our client had to endure are not completely unheard of and happen to the best of us, which is why you should be rest assured that the team at Melbourne City Maintenance are leading professionals at a wide variety of maintenance tasks ranging from plastering services to painting services.

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