Plaster Painting Melbourne

Plaster Painting Melbourne

Plaster Painting Melbourne

Melbourne City Maintenance is able to perform all types of Plaster Painting Melbourne businesses and residents require.

Plaster Repairs appear more dramatic than they are most times.

That being said you do need the right tools and experience to repair the wall correctly.

If your wall currently looks worse than this one don’t worry we had worse. See the link.

You also need the right tools and skills to install cupboards. Unfortunately the installer of the cupboard that was previously on this wall, must have been lacking.


Plaster Painting Melbourne

Plaster Repairs and Plaster Painting Melbourne

For some reason, the person that installed the cupboard on this wall, not only used way too many screws they also used way too much glue.

When it came time to remove the cupboard we ended up taking off half the wall as well.

Slowly but surely we began to transform this wall back to it’s original condition

Plaster Painting Melbourne & Plaster Repairs Melbourne

This repair was done in the following steps

  • Removal Of Flaking Plaster
  • Filling of the damaged areas
  • Sanding and the refilling until the damage was invisible
  • Undercoating the new plaster
  • Painting with undercoat and topcoat.

After the wall recieve all the love and care it needed to make it look well, we finished the job with final coat of quality paints in the colour to match the existing wall.

If you are in need of a the best plaster painter melbourne has to offer call 0403 162 374 now for a quote.

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