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Are you searching for the best painter Richmond has to offer? Look no further than Melbourne City Maintenance! This week, the maintenance team was strapped with the task of painting a giant commercial building for a client in Richmond. The exterior was covered in old, chipped paint that made the building appear older than it really was. Needless to say was it was time for some serious repainting work.

This one was a little tricky, since the job required some attention and detail to public safety prior to commencing any maintenance work. First, the team had to obtain a permit from the council to occupy the footpath, as well as a traffic management plan to divert pedestrians off the path and safely onto the road.

An additional permit was also required from the electricity provider to ensure extra protection from the overhead power lines. Working with overhead power lines can be incredibly dangerous, and yet easy to overlook. According to, since electricity can flash over a gap, a person or piece of machinery can stand at a distance from a powerline and still be in danger. You can find out more about powerline safety on your state government website.

Once all the safety precautions were set up, the team went ahead and commenced the maintenance work. They started by removing all of the dried, flaking paint that had accumulated over the years from harsh weather conditions and an old paint job. Shortly afterwards, a waterproof membrane was applied to all the exterior walls of the building for extra protection. And at the very end of this process, two coats of exterior low sheen paint were applied to the walls.



Building-Painter Richmond




After-Painter Richmond


By the end of the process, the building looked as good as new! If you’re searching for the best commercial painting Melbourne has to offer, contact Melbourne City Maintenance we are the painter Richmond residents have been looking for.

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