Painter In Prahran

Painter In Prahran

Painter In PrahranIt’s Bill from Melbourne City Maintenance. And here we are at this end-of-lease repaint where we’ve come in to attend to all the walls and ceilings of the home, which had some imperfections due to the previous tenants having hooks on the wall.

And there was some minor damage, nothing major, but the owner of the property felt that it was time to just give the walls a freshen up. And we went ahead and repainted them in the same color, which was Dulux natural white.

Painter In Prahran

And we painted all the ceilings in builders white. So we went about preparation for a couple of days, then sanded and undercoated all of the repairs. And then we applied a coat of paint on all the ceilings and walls just to make a ready inclined for the new tenants when they come in, and to make this place a really lovely place to live in.

You can see the contrast between the ceiling and the walls is very subtle. So if you’re an owner looking to get some work done, we could very easily come in and do this for you. We did some repairs in this hallway and you can see the fresh paint on the wall of the hallway.

Painter In Prahran

And in the three bedrooms. We basically just made sure there was no marks on the wall from a bedhead or from grubby hands whether that was from Little kids or some scratches from moving the furniture in and out.

The Doors all looked immaculate so they didn’t need to be repainted. They just needed a little bit of a clean and the bathrooms were also very tidy and in a really lovely condition. So we just freshened up the walls just to make sure that they were all going to be nice and clean and lovely place to have a shower.

Painter In Prahran

In the rear of the house. We removed some planters from the back fence for the client so just as a bit of an extra and we painted this back area kitchen, behind the fridge and all the walls and you can see the last coat drawing as we head out towards the front door. If you need a painter please do feel free to call Bill from Melbourne City Maintenance for a free quote anytime.

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