Painter Clifton Hill

Painter Clifton Hill

Painter Clifton Hill – Here we are at day one of this weatherboard repaint. And as you can see, the weatherboard is looking quite dull and has been a while since it was given a fresh coat of paint.

The old paint is basically coming off very, very easily in many different areas. And the reason for that is because the weatherboards were covered it in old plastic vinyl, fake weatherboard that supposedly minimize the amount of maintenance that was required on this home.

When the owners removed the fake weatherboard, they were given the opportunity to see the old weatherboards for the first time in a long time. But since they bought the home, they haven’t maintained it much further than that.

Painter Clifton HillPainter Clifton Hill

And now the place is being put up for sale and it requires a fair bit of love to get it looking fresh and to get it looking clean to repair any of the faulty and damaged weatherboards and also to make it possible for the new owners to move in and not have any work to do on it.

So we sanded and filled all the gaps and cracks. We replaced any rotten boards. And we went about and sanded and prepared the front fence. And then we went about placing two coats of exterior low sheen on all the exterior surfaces, the facias, the gutters, downpipes, all the window frames, and the weatherboards including the front fence and the deck.

And you can see the amount of work that has gone into this place. Literally, in a couple of days, we’ve sanded the entire place, top to bottom, front to back. And we’re going to give this place an opportunity to look fresh and clean again.

The owner has asked us to paint the home in the same color scheme. So we are going about repainting in the black trim. And in the torp weatherboards

This is the north side and this Northside received a fair amount of the weather. And as a result, were had some rotten boards, we had a lot of cracks that we filled with exterior filler that was sanded flat. And then the whole entire place was given two coats of paint. But this section because of its serious bad condition required three coats of paint.

The deck had been neglected as well and it hadn’t been painted for a very long time. And the area and the cover was in quite good condition but the area that was exposed including the steps and the balustrading was really worn and rundown.

So we went about preparing that and we filled all gaps and cracks with appropriate fillers, sanded that all rough surfaces and gave the place a really thorough preparation so that the end result would look really amazing.

Painter Clifton Hill

And here we are on the final day after everything has been painted. The fence is looking nice and fresh with a new coat of black exterior matte. And now as you go around the front of the house, it really pops and the colors really look sharp and clean.

And there’s no imperfections in sight, the windows have been repainted. The rotten weatherboards have been replaced, the garage door was painted and this is the facade that people are going to see when they come into the house for the inspection.

And you can see that it’s looking really sharp we painted the front step black so that it looks really sharp and clean. And the previous paint was concrete paint which had peeled and flaked off.

But now the house is looking really sharp and clean. The landscapers came into the house and also did some work and neatened up all the trees and all the amazing flowers so that this place looks really, really lovely.

Painter Clifton Hill

As we go down the side, we can see here that the weatherboards are now looking really sharp and clean on the north side, where it was severely weather-affected. There are no more rotten boards.

And we’ve made a massive difference to the backyard by painting the deck and the veranda above all the handrails, the steps of the deck and now the entertainment area is really one that allows for a lovely space for people to hang out and mingle and have a party. So all these repairs have been completed, the house looks really sharp, and now it’s ready to have photos taken and to be placed for sale.

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