Northcote House Painters

Northcote House Painters

Northcote House Painters – It’s Bill from Melbourne City Maintenance. And here we are at this dated home in Northcote, where the tenants are moving out, and we need to paint the house for the property owner.

And as you can see, the colors of the previous paint job are quite old and quite dated, and probably not to everybody’s taste. So we’ve been requested to come out and freshen the entire place up.

And we’re going to move through from the lounge room into the bedrooms and the kitchen and the bathroom. And you can see some of the colors are very dark in this small place.

Some of them are very, very bright to match the bright kitchen. And the bathroom is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. So our job was to come in and make the place look fresh.

We spent a few days and we’ve gone through and we’ve made the entire place look nice and fresh and bright, and light. And we’ve used Dulux natural white on the walls and the ceilings on the skirting boards and on the architraves so that there is no differentiation in the color.

And so that color is to most people’s tastes the kitchen remade because it’s in good condition, even though it’s a little dated, but the house is much brighter and fresher now as we’ve gone through, we made some repairs to the walls and the ceilings where there were holes and different bits and pieces that needed to be repaired.

We’ve sanded all the timber work including the doors architraves and skirting boards, and we painted the inside of the cupboards, and look how sharp and clean this place looks.

And the owner is going to be replacing the carpet soon. And they’ll also be replacing the door handles. So that’s going to make the place look completely different and updated and nice and new.

Northcote House PaintersNorthcote House Painters

And it’s going to make it a really lovely and cozy place for somebody to come and rent the three-bedroom home and they’ll be able to ask a little more rent than they were previously asking.

We painted the inside of the wardrobes so that they are nice and clean for the new tenants to put their clothes in and the carpets were getting replaced so we didn’t have to worry too much about being careful in the bedrooms with paint splatter.

But we did go about protecting all other surfaces with drop sheets to make sure that there was no damage to the floorboards and you can see the entire place is now just looking nice and fresh.

Northcote House PaintersNorthcote House Painters

If you are looking for a painter to come to your place and freshen it up and make it look nice and clean and make it look ready for the new tenants call Bill from Melbourne City Maintenance.

We are your Northcote House Painters. We’ll be happy to come in and do a quote no obligation and free and then we’ll be able to give you an idea of what it’ll cost to make your place look nice and fresh.

Northcote House PaintersNorthcote House Painters

And look at the difference in the bathroom. What an amazing change to all the walls which were previously baby yellow. And now they’re just nice and white and bright. And you don’t have to worry about going in there with sunglasses. Please call Bill for your quote on 0403-162374

If you’re in need of the best House Painters Melbourne has to offer, reach out to Melbourne City Maintenance to help revitalize your property!

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