Plaster Repairs

Good old plastering, one of the world’s most ancient building methods, did you know that primitive folk originally plastered their shelters with mud? These days, it’s made out of water, sand and gypsum, (so don’t worry- we won’t be flinging mud about your house)! With our modern plastering techniques, we are equipped to handle all different plaster repairs, whether it’s sagging ceilings, water damage or cracks and holes.

We offer a range of plaster repairs services including plasterboard walls, plasterboard and suspended ceilings; fire-rated walls and ceiling systems; and steel studied office partitions.

Fed up of finding cracks in your plaster? Want slickest walls and ceilings in Melbourne? Put the DIY ideas on hold, crack open a beer and give us a call! Let us take care of your plaster repairs, with years of experience under our tradie belts we can offer you a top-quality plastering service at a reasonable price.

Our services include and are not limited to

  • Plasterboard and Suspended Ceilings
  • Plasterboard Walls
  • Steel Studded Office Partion’s
  • Water damaged Plasterboard Walls and Ceilings
  • Acoustic Walls and Ceiling Systems
  • Fire Rated Walls and Ceiling Systems

Once completed your new plaster surfaces will require painting, so to minimise the hassle of dealing with multiple trades we also provide a comprehensive painting service. Please see our Painting link above for more details.

Why Choose Melbourne City Maintenance? 

Not your average group of tradies, at Melbourne City Maintenance we like to think we’re a cut above the rest. We work hard on plastering jobs all year round whether it’s brand new work or plaster repairs. Once the plastering work is done, you’ll need a nice lick of paint. Many other plaster repairs services don’t chuck in the paint job- not us though; we’ll paint your walls up too. With our top skills and passion for plaster, we’re confident we can offer the best plaster repairs in Melbourne.

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