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Interior House Paint Services Prahran

The best part about working for Melbourne City Maintenance is that they have the ability to use their creativity to restore vitality in a rundown home, and provide the best interior house paint services Prahran has to offer. In Perry’s case, these creative services were offered in the form of interior house paint for a 5-bedroom house. The focus of the job was to strip away the eyesore that was known as the grand staircase, and to transform it into an elegant feature.


Perry often referred to the it as “dated” and “a little bland”. He continued to describe his vision for the house and the importance of a staircase with the appropriate aesthetics. We discussed shades and colour schemes for quite some time, before deciding on a combination that would add character and exude a majestic grandeur upon first glance.
house painting melbourne old staircase - Interior House Paint Services Prahran
house painting melbourne new staircase - Interior House Paint Services Prahran
The tread and exterior balustrade (staircase railings) were glazed in Black Japan varnish; a type of dark-chocolate shade that adds an extra dimension to the house’s interior, and elevates it to a more modern and contemporary standard. In contrast, we chose to coat the interior of the balustrade with layers of Dulux Natural White, in order to highlight a stylistic design that maintains its formal and elegant aesthetics, without compromising the colour scheme of the entire house.
Interior house paint can work wonders in terms of revitalising and revamping your personal dwelling. With the right colour palette and a couple of experienced painters, you can expect astonishing results that transform the way you view and experience the personal space in which you eat, sleep, breath and live.
Got a colourful vision for your home? For more information on house painting in Melbourne, contact Melbourne City Maintenance.


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