House Painter Northcote

House Painter Northcote

House Painter Northcote – It’s Bill from Melbourne City Maintenance and we were called to this weatherboard to attend to some flaking paint and some rotten weatherboard where the paint was also bubbling on one side, which had to be stripped back to bare timber, giving it a coat of undercoat and then finished with two coats of topcoat in the same color to match existing.

House Painter Northcote

The areas exposed to the sun the most also had a lot of sun damage and flaking paint we attended to that and we also changed all the rotten weatherboards because they were allowing water to penetrate into the wall. Once they were changed, they were given three coats of paint one undercoat, and two topcoats, and the before and after shots are really amazing and the difference is huge customer is extremely happy.

And if you need weatherboard repairs in Melbourne call Bill from Melbourne City Maintenance on 0403-162374 for your free, no-obligation quote. Look at the difference in the before and afters. Don’t they just look amazing? Your house could look like this as well called Bill now!

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