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Handrail Installation. No matter how good a staircase looks, it is of no use to anybody if it can’t be used safely. The owner of this Melbourne apartment was surprised when she bought her new place that the staircase did not have a handrail installed.

Although it was no problem for Lisa the staircase had become a hazard for one of her most treasured people, her Grandson.

The young boy was afraid to come down the stairs alone, since a fall just a few weeks earlier and was depending on his grand mother to help him down.

When Lisa decided to have a hand rail installed earlier this year, to make the stairs safe again for her 3 year old grand son, she struggled to find someone to assist her and it took some time before she found Melbourne City Maintenance to hep her out.

Being a maintenance company we have the ability to do jobs others are not prepared to do.

The two options available to Lisa where either a timber hand rail or stainless steel handrail. Timber is easier to install and can be painted any colour but the door furniture and doors where anodised steel which was why the client decided to have the stainless steel hand rail installed.

Melbourne stainless steel handrail installation

handrail installation fitzroy

Stainless steel handrail installations are the best. The new handrail is tough never needs painting and is easily cleaned. It matches with the rest of the home and looks like it was part of the original build.

If you need painting and plaster repairs as part of this install we can handle that as well. As one of the most passionate Melbourne painters around we love watching paint dry. Check out our recent completed jobs HERE. Check out the rest of our services HERE


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