Graffiti Removal Melbourne 04

Graffiti Removal Melbourne

Graffiti Removal Melbourne

There is absolutely no need for people to Graffiti your private property. I’d go so far as to call it rude and obnoxious. Graffiti removal is one of those things we would rather not have to do, but if you do not get Graffiti removed quickly others think it is ok to add to the mess made by the previous vandal.

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External surfaces are at risk of Graffiti attacks due to the easy access that vandals have to exterior walls and it doesn’t take long to do the damage. Security cameras can be a good deterant but expensive to set up. Painting over areas affected is a good way to remove the spray paint but only if those areas affected have been previously painted like the doors from this Graffiti attack in Melbourne.

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The problem gets worse when Graffiti attacks are done on bricks and removal is a much larger issue. Thankfully anti graffiti coatings are now an option and clear protective coatings can be applied to porous surfaces like bricks which will repel spray paint and make it very easy to remove.

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