Fire Escape Painting

Fire Escape Painting

Fire Escape Painting

This Fire Escape Painting job had become essential for this apartment building in Melbourne.

Fire Escape Painting

Health conscious residents had made a request of the owners corporation manager, to do something about the state of the Fire Escape, as 10 years of heavy traffic by calorie burning locals had made the stairs look dirty and tired.

Dirt and grime had built up over the years and cleaning the stairs was just making matters worse and dirty mop water was just adding to the stains.

The purpose of the painting was

  • to make the staircase look fresh
  • to make it easy to clean and
  • to make it non slip

The high quality paints we use did exactly that and we chose a water based product that ensured that the usual terrible smell of paint would not stink out the entire building and make it unpleasant for all residents.

Fire Escape Painting 03

the steps involved

  • Cleaning as much of the surface dirt as possible
  • Applying Galvanised Iron Primer to the 3 fights of hand rail
  • Applying 2 coats of water base 2 pack epoxy to all hand rails and concrete surfaces.

Fire Escape Painting 01

This before photo really tell the entire story but with the right paint and the right process the fire escape begins to transform, and looks so much better even before the first coat has been completed.

Fire Escape Painting 02

Slowly but surely the transformation is complete and this staircase is next level stunning.

Our expertise and Fire Escape Painting process can be easily used in your Fire Escape or common area staircase.

Melbourne City Maintenance has been servicing Melbourne since 2005 and have the solution for your needs.
We are fully insured and licensed to carry out high risk work using elevated working platforms also known as Cherry Pickers for hard to reach locations.

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