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Fence Painting and Repairs In Abbotsford


Do you need urgent Fence Painting?

Fence Painting is a serious matter for people like me. If it has been years since you made some time to maintain your front fence and you are noticing signs of damage like rot and flaking paint give Bill from Melbourne City Maintenance a call on 0403 162 374.

The fence below had been neglected for some time and neglect can create problems.

  • expansion from the weather made nails loosen
  • flaking paint gave way to water penetration
  • rot had set in.
  • Some pailings had started to fall off,
  • nails had loosened and popped out and
  • the white colour was looking very dirty.

It is fair to say that this fence had seen better days.

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Fence Painting will save you money.

In order to get this fence back to immaculate condition,
– each pailing was individually screwed back onto the frame with 2 screws,
– Old nails were either removed or punched back in
– The fence was sanded to remove any imperfections
– The nail and screw holes were filled with exterior timber filler and sanded smooth
– Then the fence was repainted with two coats of high quality paint.

Fence Painting Abbotsford 01

Melbourne City Maintenance has been Painting Melbourne since 2005 we are full insured and are base in the inner city. We love making our suburb look great.

The team at Melbourne City Maintenance aims to please and we pride ourselves on doing an outstanding job and ensuring that your fence is protected to avoid an expensive repair later on. Just check out the finished result of the entire fence. It will be good for many more years to come.

Call NOW for a quote 0403 162 374

Fence Painting 01

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