Melbourne Feature Wall Painting 01

Feature Wall Painting Melbourne

Melbourne Feature Wall Painting

Feature wall painting is a great way to

  • add some colour to a bland room or
  • enhance a piece of art or
  • make your favourite family photo stand out.
Feature Walls Melbourne
Feature Walls Melbourne

Melbourne City Maintenance can add a feature wall at your place in one day.

We will supply the paint in any colour you choose and make sure the lines in the corners do not bled onto the other wall.

Melbourne Painters – Feature Wall Painters

Popular colours are usually dark tones like the blue below or the colours shown in the haymes sample near the bottom of the page.

Melbourne Feature Wall Painting
Melbourne Feature Wall Painting

Whats the best part about feature walls?

If you get sick of the colour, change your furniture or selling your home, its easy to return the room to the original condition by asking us to just paint it back.

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