Factory Line Marking

Factory Line Marking

Factory Line Marking. If you’re looking for line marking services in Melbourne, let me take you on a quick tour of this Melbourne warehouse where line marking needed to be done so that we can separate pedestrian traffic from forklift traffic.

Factory Line Marking

And the first part of the job is to mark out with masking tape where the pedestrian paths will be. So that the client can do a walkthrough and confirm that they are happy with where all the pads will be.

And then as they go down, they will note the areas that will get covered and the areas that will need to be removed and grayed out so that there’s no confusion from the new lines to the old lines.

Factory Line Marking

And then the painting can begin. And as the painting continues you start to get a feel for how everything is going to look and the client can do a walk around and once again feel comfortable that the line marking that they wanted is going exactly as they requested and as they require.

This product is very quick to dry. So it can be driven on and walked on within 24 hours. And we’ve added a nonslip aggregate so that it can be used and is safe, whether it is wet or dry.

As we continue through the warehouse, in a moment you’ll get to see the pedestrian crossings we will be putting this is one area here. But this is just the first coat. So, we get a bit of an understanding of the size of this warehouse.

All this work is being done after hours. So that there is no interruption in your work in your ability to meet your client’s needs by getting parcels out of the factory. And now here we are with the completed product with the yellow lines that have been installed, clearly marking where pedestrians need to walk.

And also marking out where fire hydrants are located and as we go into the areas where pedestrian crossings are in spaces where forklifts will operate. You’ll notice that there is a zebra crossing in yellow that has now been marked out. So that forklifts and pedestrians both know that this area is dual use. And here we are in the loading area where forklifts come through and there is no misunderstanding about where pedestrians and forklift operators.

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