Exterior Painting Service Campbellfield

Exterior Painting Services Westgarth

Exterior Painting Services Westgarth

Oftentimes we find ourselves in a bind, where we’re in urgent need of a professional exterior painting service, but don’t know if the job will take too much time, or whether or not it’ll cost an arm and a leg in the process. This is precisely the sort of bind that Melbourne City Maintenance‘s latest client found themselves in. Our team was contacted¬†by a retailer of cubby homes and sheds that required three cubbies painted urgently so they could be sold to a client in Westgarth. The problem? That sale was less than one week away. Needless to say we were up to the task of providing the timeliest cubby exterior painting services Westgarth had ever seen.


The plan of attack was to approach the cubbies like a weatherboard home so we could prepare and paint them in the same way. We used exterior low sheen in Colorbond night sky and Colorbond dune. During this time, our clients were sceptical about our ability to deliver three whole painted cubby houses. We assured them that this was as close to a walk in the park as it got for professional painters such as ourselves, and that by the very last day, not only would the task be complete, but it would be complete to the highest standard.


It took our team five-and-a-half days (with one day to spare) to complete the exterior painting service for all three cubbies, and our clients couldn’t be more thrilled. What we essentially did was take a few plain, bare, and shed-like houses, and transformed them into charming, weatherproof cubbies for young children to play in.



painting services Melbourne painted cubby - Exterior Painting Services Campbellfield


Painting might sound like a complete and utter hassle, but it doesn’t need to be. If you’re a fast-paced business that requires the best and most timely painting services Melbourne has to offer, contact Melbourne City Maintenance for a quality, cost-effective paint job.

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