Exterior Painting Preston

Exterior Painting Preston

Exterior Painting Preston

This week Melbourne City Maintenance helped rectify a young couple’s home by providing the best exterior painting Preston has seen yet.
Choosing a colour to paint your house is no walk in the park, so here’s what our team had to say about it: apart from stature, the colour of your house is going to be the most visible element to both the homeowners as well as outsiders. That’s why you shouldn’t feel horrible about changing your mind if the colour you originally asked for doesn’t live up to the standard you had in mind.
When Adam and Jodie first reached out us, they requested the most professional exterior painting Preston had to offer. As first-time homebuyers you can imagine the expectations they had about the look of their brand new, personal dwelling. But something just didn’t feel quite right. They wanted their house to reflect their vibrant personalities, and exude a warm, welcoming feeling for their guests. It took some time, but the writing was eventually was on the wall: the newly rendered home was in serious need of some colour.
When the team arrived at the scenes, we all had an extensive discussion about the kind of look the homeowners desired. It’s all about feeling. If you can find the right colour to express the feeling you want your home to exude, that’s precisely what aesthetics come down to. Although there was some initial doubt – what if the colour doesn’t look right? What if we change our minds again? – once the colour palette folder was laid onto the table, a sense of relief and excitement filled the room.
Melbourne painters before painting - Exterior Painting Preston  exterior painting Preston-Melbourne painters old
The best thing about painting is that you don’t have to overexert your imagination to help you make the right choice: try samples! And that’s exactly what we did. There was always a lingering feeling that a darker colour was the right way to go, but this particular shade of brown turned out to be the perfect match. Jasper by Colorbond is one of those shades that’s perfect for modern and trendy houses in up and coming neighbourhoods. It has a certain quality that captures the sophistication and elegance that pleases and excites the senses. The proof is in the pudding, and needless to say the young couple were overjoyed by our craft and cooperation.
Melbourne painters after painting - Exterior Painting Preston  Melbourne painters Jasper Colorbond - Exterior Painting Preston
If you’re on the lookout for commercial and domestic Melbourne painters, reach out to Melbourne City Maintenance to help add a stroke of colour to your establishment!

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