Exterior Painting Melbourne

Exterior Painting Melbourne

Exterior Painting Melbourne

Melbourne City  Maintenance aims deliver the best Exterior Painting Melbourne has to offer.

When we were asked to quote for the painting of this building we knew that this job was right up our alley. The team at Melbourne City Maintenance has done many jobs like this which have a degree of difficulty. In order to carry out the task of painting at heights, the team needs to take some additional precautions and needs training to complete the job on time but most importantly with safety at the front of mind.

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Our specialised painters are trained to work at heights using scissor lifts, boom lifts and other access equipment.  With a focus on OH&S Melbourne City Maintenance will prepare a quote for you that includes everything needed for the exterior painting to be done safely.

We will liaise with

  • Electricity Providers to determine the overhead powerline risk
  • Traffic Management Companies to ensure pedestrian and road safety
  • Local councils to obtain relevant permits
  • Body Corporate managers, owners and tenants to ensure, inconvenience during works is kept to a minimum

Right Equipment for the right job. Exterior Painting Melbourne

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When assessing the needs of each job we will ensure we have allowed for the correct equipment to be onsite so that the job is done safely and the timeline is achieved. At this job due to the different levels of the building and the position of the surfaces we had to paint we required a boom lift for the south facade and a scissor lift for the north facing facade. Our highly skilled painters are trained to operate a large number of different machines and licensed to carry out work above 11 meters safely.

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Once completed the building looks fresh and the timber is protected for many more Melbourne winter and summer seasons.

Melbourne City Maintenance have done these types of jobs many times before. Click the link for our other completed jobs.

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