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Epoxy Floor Coating – It’s Bill from Melbourne City Maintenance. And our client has asked us to attend to this old concrete floor in a factory in Melbourne, which is at least two decades old. And it has been well worn and is becoming very difficult to maintain and clean and make look fresh.

The cleaners attend to it on a weekly basis. And even so, it’s really hard for them to make it look any better. So here we are after the first coat of epoxy that has gone down. And now the place is looking a lot fresher already a lot brighter, and all those rotten stains that are there for the last 20 years are starting to disappear.

Epoxy Floor Coating Epoxy Floor CoatingEpoxy Floor Coating

As the second coat goes down, the product becomes a lot more able to hide all the old colors and all the old stains from the concrete. And you can see here what a big difference there is between first and second coats.

And how much of a change this is going to make to this entire area where there’s office workers who work inside this factory. The pattern that you see above the concrete is basically a paper flake and it comes in a number of different colors, and it gets spread on over the top while the second coat is still wet.

And there’s not much to it, it’s not very complicated process you just sprinkle it on. It’s like you’re feeding the chickens but at the end you don’t get the eggs. As this goes down and the entire area is finished.

The floor is then sealed with two coats of gloss. And the last coat of clear gloss actually has a nonslip additive placed into it so that it can be certain that this is not going to be a dangerous surface to walk on.

Look at how much brighter it is how amazing the pattern is and how much of a difference compared to the old concrete. This new epoxy coating has been made to this area. It’s been a fantastic thing to do this job for our client, they are very impressed and now they have a floor that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

And if it gets to be quite worn after a number of years, this surface can be redone quite easily just by following the same exact processes. Now this place is ready to be used once again after it has been cured for a number of days.

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