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When Jill, the home owner, called Melbourne City Maintenance for decking restoration services Sandringham, she was concerned about the task ahead of her. Having been neglected for more than a decade, the deck had began to develop ​lichen, moss, and fungus. As a result, she feared the entire decking needed to be demolished and rebuilt.
Our first task was to provide Jill with some peace of mind, and to assure her that no job was too big for the trained professionals at Melbourne City Maintenance. We started by conducting an inspection to confirm the structural integrity of the deck. Once the inspection was underway, we began the restoration on the timber surface using four, simple steps:
1. Treating the deck with timber restorer
2. Using a high pressure wash to remove all Lichen, Moss and Fungus
3. Punching nails and replacing any rotten boards
4. Applying 3 coats of deck coating to the clients liking
Before:                                                             After:
Melbourne City Maintenance Before Image - Decking Restoration Services SandringhamMelbourne City Maintenance After Image - Decking Restoration Services Sandringham
As shown in the image above, the decking restoration Melbourne was a tremendous success. When we first started the job, Jill expressed countless doubts about the simplicity of the cleaning process, and went as far as to say she wouldn’t believe it until she saw it. When the time came around, Jill was overjoyed by the final outcome – as good as brand new, and less than five, simple steps to get the job done.
House maintenance tends to feel like of one those tasks that can be put off until the end of time, but the reality is that the trivial job here and there has a way of adding up to a mountain of work. To prevent that sort of scenario from building up, it’s worthwhile seeking help from trained professionals who know and love what they do.
For more information on building maintenance in Melbourne: plastering, cleaning or carpentry, contact Melbourne City Maintenance.



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