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Concrete Painters Melbourne

Concrete Painters Melbourne

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This underground bin room in Melbourne was becoming smelly because waste from the bins was spilling out and seeping into the concrete.

As well as smelly, the concrete had become increaseingly difficlut to clean and stains had made the bin room appear unsightly.

Painting the cocrete required the following steps.

  • High Pressure Washing of the surface to be painted
  • Drying overnight
  • Marking out of the area to be painted with masking tape
  • Painting of the first coat on day 2
  • Applying the second coat on day 3

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The concrete is transformed on day 3 and removal of the masking tape can begin on day 4.

However to ensure that the paint has every opportunity to cure,  manufacturers recomendation for driving meant that the paint was not to be walked on ordriven on for an additional 3 days.

Pedestrians were informed via a letter box drop and email and signs that were placed in lifts as well as exit and entry doors.

Concrete Painters Melbourne 01

While inconvenient, great planning and communication meant that tenants and owners cars where given temporary parking bays and then allowed to return to their usual parking bays after 7 days. Now the concrete is sealed, easy to clean therfore less smelly.

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