commercial painting services melbourne

Commercial Painting Services Melbourne

Commercial Painting Services Melbourne

Some people say we have got our head in the clouds, but when it comes to the most excellent commercial painting services Melbourne has experienced the proof is in the pudding or in this case the proof is in the final result of this building in Melbourne’s CBD. Melbourne City Maintenance was successful in winning this job because our competitors want to leave the safety part of the job up to the body corporation.

Safety is not your responsibility it is ours and we take pride in minimising the risk of harm to our staff, members of the public and the buildings, cars and other property that surround our area of work. During the quoting process we took into consideration the following which does not usually make up part of a standard paint job.

  • Traffic management of cars
  • Protection from over head power lines.
    • including hiring of a safety spotter
    • protective strips installed on the powerlines
  • Pedestrian Safety
    • closing down of footpath and creating a safe alternate route around the boom and scissor lifts
  • Council requirements
    • including permits to work and occupy the foot path and car parking spots
  • Access equipment
    • ensuring the correct machine for the job is available

There is nothing we cant paint. We will get to all those tricky places that have not been painted in years by tailoring a solution that is specific to your buildings needs, all while ensuring compliance to the highest safety standards.


80 foot boom lift to get to those hard to reach spots above 11 meters off the ground

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We will use the most appropriate machines to make working conditions more comfortable for our team all while ensuring the highest standard of safety.

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If you’re in need of the safest commercial painters Melbourne has to offer call Melbourne City maintenance to help solve your problems! See our other completed jobs here.


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