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Melbourne City Maintenance is a Collingwood Painter and we were called, because the interior of this unit had been neglected for more than 30 years

Check out this video to see the amazing before and after comparison.

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It is possible that this unit had never been repainted since it was built almost 40 years ago.

So much so that the ceiling paint was completely failing to hold on to the plaster, all while the tenant of the time refused to allow any maintenance work to be carried out.

Once the tenant vacated the home, the property owner searched for a Collingwood Painter and gave Melbourne City Maintenance the task to make the place look great again.

The task involved the following steps.

* Remove Flaking Paint

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* Sand all surfaces to prepare for the next first coat
* Apply fillers and top coat to the ceiling

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* Sand the ceiling with a electric plasters sander
* Apply undercoat to bare surface of ceiling

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* Finish the ceiling with 2 coats of ceiling flat
* Paint two coats on all wall including wardrobes

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* Apply 2 coats to all doors and
* Apply 2 coats to all timber work throughout.

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With the right amount of preparation, time and care this place came up like new.
The Owner of the property is now able to increase the rent and recoup some of the cost that he incurred to update and bring the place back to a very high standard.

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