Bathroom Repair Melbourne CBD

Bathroom Repair Melbourne CBD

A distressed homeowner recently contacted Melbourne City Maintenance to perform a bathroom  repair job. It was for a bathroom on the second level of an apartment in Melbourne CBD where the tiles and grout had become loose. The homeowner was in near tears when they called us in for our tiling and grouting services as water had started to penetrate the area beneath the tiles and they were worried that water would start seeping out of the shower and onto the carpet outside.


Bathroom Repair Melbourne CBDBathroom Repair Melbourne CBD


Bathroom Repair Melbourne CBDBathroom Repair Melbourne CBD

Luckily for the homeowner, this wasn’t the first time our expertly trained professionals at Melbourne City Maintenance dealt with loose tiles and grout. We thoroughly inspected the shower area where the tiles proved to be a source of trouble. We started the repair by carefully lifting the old tiles and repairing the subfloor where water had seeped through in between the loose tiles and grout. Then water proofing of the affected area was redone to ensure there would be no more water damage to the floor of the bathroom. After this was done, our team provided tiling and grouting services by installing new tiles and grout to the floor of the shower. Finally a new shower screen was installed as well as a final finishing touch for the bathroom repair.

Upon completion of the job, the homeowner was thrilled to see her bathroom restored to a perfect condition with new tiles, grout and a shower screen. Contact Melbourne City Maintenance today at 0403 162 374 for all your tiling and grouting services needs as well as our other services such as painting, window cleaning and plastering.

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