Abbotsford Painter 3067

Abbotsford Painter 3067

Abbotsford Painter 3067 – It’s Bill from Melbourne City Maintenance. And we have just finished painting the floor and walls at Kindred Movement Yoga Studio in Abbotsford where the client asked us to come out and attempt to the walls which were looking quite tired and a little bit dirty.

And but most importantly, the floor which had plenty of stains from people’s shoes, and we needed to make it fresh and crisp, and white again, but most importantly, it needed to feel really good on the foot.

And we needed to make sure that it was going to dry well smell a very small amount and also be easy to clean up and wash and also mop. So we supplied a Viponds product called eco shield urethane acrylic in a semi-gloss.

Abbotsford Painter 3067

And after putting three coats down, we started to get really good results. Now this is the first coat going down. And you can see how well the product has already begun to coat the surface and remove the old stains and also start to add some shine back into that floor.

As we continue to apply product, we got a really good result very quickly and are starting to get excited about the finished and end product. And this is really giving this surface a new lease on life.

And it’s allowing the client to go ahead and use it more often. And then mop it and clean it and make sure that these stains that were on there don’t come back, it’s also going to last a lot longer. The previous coating was put down by the owners and it only lasted 12 months.

Abbotsford Painter 3067

And here we are with two coats of the product down now. And you’re starting to see a really good thickness building up and you’re starting to see how it’s very sharp, very clean, it has some reflection but not a lot. So it doesn’t make it difficult to be in the room with the lights on.

We also painted the walls in a low-odor, interior low-sheen and that was going to be easy to wash as well. And it started to make this yoga studio look really pristine and really clean.

Once we had gone through the process of applying a couple of coats to the walls, we’ve put back all the products, all the surfaces, all the things that were off the wall, we started to hang back onto the wall.

And then we continue to paint the floor. And we got this epoxy floor looking really, really amazing. And it didn’t take very long at all. The studio was only closed for two days over the weekend.

And then by the Monday it was back in action again. This place was looking really sharp the product and the foot feels really luscious. So it’s going to make a big difference to the way that the clients experience the floor.

And what’s most important is going to be very easy to clean and it’s going to be very easy to wash so it’s going to look way better for a lot longer.

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